IMG_6228You made changes this summer. Many of you have become Christians, many of you rededicated your life to God! You want to live a better life! A Christian life! But now many of you will be placed back into places and situations that have the potential to draw you away from God. How will you handle this? It’s not camp, not our mission trips, not our youth group, not our church. It all boils down to you…and how you react. You are not alone…at least you don’t have to be. There are others that will help you live a faithful life, to lead you away from trouble. Seek them out. Cling to other Christians. Let the light of Jesus shine in you, so others around you can see the NEW you! I believe in you, I know that you can do this! I am here for you, praying! Love you all!

If it had not been for Christ…

I have told this on a few occasions, but I have never put it in print.

If it had not been for Christ…

I would not have had childhood friends…many of them went to church.
There would have been no Freed-Hardeman University, a place I met life-long friends.
I would have never met Pam Elder, my beautiful wife and helper in the Lord’s work.
I would not have the pride of my life, my daughter, Danae Elder.
My circle of friends would be really small…really small.
I would not be a part of the greatest work in the world – ministry!
I would not know – YOU!
Think about this, why is it you know me? If you are reading this there’s a huge chance you know me because of Jesus Christ!
I thank God for this!
So now you know why, I love the Lord so much. Let me challenge you to write your list and share with others “If it had not been for Christ”
Love you.

I Love Getting to Do What I Do!

I love getting to do what I love to do!
For the last three nights I have had the opportunity to be at our programs honoring graduates!

Sunday night we honored our high school graduates, It was great to hear the parents tell the stories of their children and how they have grown into what they have become at this point in their life.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

Our Pre-school graduation at Spring Meadows Academy was Monday and Tuesday nights. Now it is a big deal to watch these little ones draped in their caps and gowns walk in holding each others hand and the Mom’s and Dad’s armed with cameras taking a photo of every precious moment. I’m glad they do this. Why? It is an important part of life. It is still the age of innocence. The children love each other, their teachers and they have no worries.

Each of these groups received a Bible for their graduation gift, why?

I believe a child needs to receive a Bible at least 4 times in their life.

1. When they are born. They need to cut their teeth on one. They can’t read it but at least they will know what it is!

2. When they enter school (after preschool)! They are learning to read! So Dads and Moms help them learn to read by reading the greatest book in the world!
3. When they become a Christian. What better way to start your life than with a new Bible. Read it! Study it! Obey it! and do it again!
4. When they graduate high school. They need to have a Bible they can carry with them when they go to college or into the next phase of life. It is crucial that they hold fast to the word that has brought them to this point.

When it was announced that each preschool child would receive a Bible, you would have thought you were giving them a million dollars. One little boy when he crossed the stage tonight said out loud “Mr. Jerry this is my first real Bible!” Others couldn’t wait to show their Mom’s and Dad’s and ran out of line to show them! I might have had a tear come into my eye!

It was an honor to give them the greatest book in the world! God’s Word!

I love getting to do what I love to do!

Congrats! You made it!

Congratulations! You have made it!

If you are a graduating senior in high school you will be hearing this a lot over the next few weeks. Rightfully so, you have been in school for 13 years (not counting your preschool years) and you are walking away with a diploma. As you walk away I want to remind you of a few things.

Remember the people who have got you to where you are today, and rely on them to lead you into the future.
Remember that you still don’t “know it all”, but neither does anyone else. Thats why it is important for you to continue to study and grow…everyday!
Remember, it’s okay to change your mind to do the right things.
Remember your manners, “please” and “thank you” will go a long way in life.
Remember, you might not like everything someone does, they still deserved to be loved.
Remember to tell your Mom and Dad, you love them. Mom and Dad, return the love.
Remember, not all food is good, but at least you have food.
Remember, the devil has always been bad. God is good, even better!
Remember, you are NEVER alone.
Remember, life is not about you, It is about HIM!

One extra, You always, have a friend…Me!
Congrats Graduate! You made it!

Thanking God for Mom’s

So I’m up a little early this morning, 4:15 to be exact and I have been thinking about Mother’s day. Reading all of your stories make me realize a few things about Mom’s.
1. They have never regretted having their children. They might not like everything we have done (or will do) but they still love us!
2. They will wear your bottom out in a minute! Those of us from a older generation knows the meaning of this, for some that might have been some other form of discipline, but they still love us!
3. They know how to give THE LOOK! Do I need to explain myself on this one? But they still love us!
4. They know what we like to eat and don’t like to eat (ahem…Brussel sprouts)! But they still love us!
5. They can see the hurt in your eyes and in your heart, and still love you (even more).
6. They cry a lot with you, they laugh even more with you (and sometimes at you) That’s because they love you!
7. They love everything that you have given them! Let’s be honest there’s nothing more beautiful than a rainbow made out of colored macaroni, right? That’s because they love you!
8. They will get on you like a “banty rooster” if you hurt their child! That’s because they love you!
9. They will and have give everything for you, (and go without so you can have) That’s because they love you!
10. They will hold your hand when you are born, and you will hold their hand when they pass. That’s because you love HER!
Thanking God for Mom’s