I Still Believe

I Still Believe… I still believe that man is good. That good is in this world. Yes, evil is around and has been. Satan, works hard at changing hearts, but God is stronger. Light overcomes darkness. I also believe in change. That people can change from good to evil AND  evil to good.  I have … More I Still Believe


Welcome!! Transition is an interesting word. It’s a word that we use to describe change. This is the time of year when there is a LOT of change taking place for young people. You go to a different school… You go to a different grade… You meet different people (teachers, other students)… You go from … More Transition

One Year Later

As many have written about the “One Year” anniversary of the virus, I received an email today. It was a billing statement for Zoom. You know the video conferencing tool, oh that’s right you do know what I am talking about.  When I first ordered it, I got the free version.. I will never need … More One Year Later

The Magic Spark

The magic spark…. It creates life… From the moment it bears a light for all to see. While that light is contained, we know that it is there. We watch it get brighter with the hopes and expectation of seeing it in its brilliance. We do not know where that light will shine. Where it … More The Magic Spark

10 years…

10 years…. It’s been 10 years since Dad has passed away.  10 years. I guess I’m like all the rest when I say “it doesn’t seem like it” or “ sometimes it seems longer!” I had the opportunity to be on the road today to go to one of my favorite places. Freed-Hardeman University, I … More 10 years…

Veterans Day

He will walk out this morning as the sun rises for a new day. Under his arm he carries the “stars and stripes” the “Red ,White and Blue” …Old Glory. It will take him a moment to undo the cord that is on the flagpole, his arthritic, shrapnel, worn hands just will not work like … More Veterans Day

One Year

One Year. I was reluctant to post this photo, but it is our last one together.  It has been one year today that you took final breath on this earth.  One year since we held your hand.  One year since we heard your voice. One year.  and yes….my heart still hurts. I still get up, … More One Year

Another Day

Written 7 years ago…maybe someone need this today! Another Day We’ve all had those days,When the sun wouldn’t shine.When you heart would hurt,You thought you would lose your mind. Just look for the crease found in the cloud,Releasing one shining ray,Then you will know that someone cares,And will give you another day. When the teardrops … More Another Day