If it had not been for Christ…

I have told this on a few occasions, but I have never put it in print.

If it had not been for Christ…

I would not have had childhood friends…many of them went to church.
There would have been no Freed-Hardeman University, a place I met life-long friends.
I would have never met Pam Elder, my beautiful wife and helper in the Lord’s work.
I would not have the pride of my life, my daughter, Danae Elder.
My circle of friends would be really small…really small.
I would not be a part of the greatest work in the world – ministry!
I would not know – YOU!
Think about this, why is it you know me? If you are reading this there’s a huge chance you know me because of Jesus Christ!
I thank God for this!
So now you know why, I love the Lord so much. Let me challenge you to write your list and share with others “If it had not been for Christ”
Love you.

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