A Conversation with Mom


A Conversation with Mom

Around age 13… Saturday night…

Me: “Mom, will Dad be home tonight”?
Her: I don’t know son, you know he is out…you know, drinking.

Me: I know, I just wanted to ask him something.
Her: What?

Me: I wanted to ask him “Why”?
Her: Why?

Me: You know, why?
Why do you drink? Have we done something wrong?
Why do you not want to stay home? Don’t you care about us?

Mom: I can answer those questions….
Me: You can?

Mom: First of all your father loves you and me…a lot. He will do what he can for us. We have done nothing wrong.
Stay at home? No, In fact, he runs…because you see Satan has him right now. The temptations are strong and he gives in. He sees us going to church and living for the Lord and it hurts him. That’s why he runs.

Me: Will he ever change?
Mom: I pray so, there’s a good man inside, he has to overcome and come back to God.

Me: So what do we do?
Mom: Love him, encourage him and pray for him. Don’t count him out!

Me: I wish he was home.
Mom: Me too.

Thanking God for patience and time and seeing him change his life.
Hold tight friends, don’t count them out!
Love, Encourage and Pray!A

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