Wednesday Nights! Why Not?


Wednesday Nights? Why not?

I’ll be honest with you, growing up in a family that didn’t attend with the Church regularly, Wednesday night attendance just wasn’t important. You see if Mom and Dad didn’t go to the Wednesday night assembly so I didn’t either. The only times was when my grandmother or aunt picked me up. I did ride a bike to the building a few times. 🙂

I started attending regularly in my early teen years because what else was there to do? You see this was before year round sports and tons of homework and other distractions on Wednesday night. It was great to be with others my age and some that were older. (I had some pretty awesome teachers) then we would hang around, fold church bulletins or help in a pantry.

Let me give you some GOOD reasons to be there! (No particular order)

  1. Just being with other Christians, (and non-christians), SO it must be a GOOD thing to do. So why not?
  2. Studying the word of God! It’s ALWAYS a GOOD thing to do. So why not?
  3. There are baptisms, restorations, opportunities to pray for someone. These are all GOOD things! So why not?
  4. The chance to serve! You know help with children, adults, pantry, etc…These are all GOOD things! So why not?
  5. You need it and so do I! Hey I get enough of the temptations from Satan through the week! Give me a couple of hours on Wednesday night with you and God and I can make it through the week a whole lot easier. It’s a GOOD thing! So why not?

My list could go on and I’m sure that some of you have special reasons for being with the Church on Wednesday nights. My point on this is simple…
It’s a GOOD thing!
I’ll see you on Wednesday night!

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