I Remember

I Remember


14 years ago at this time I walked outside and looked up into the sky. I would have seen and heard planes flying through the air, but not this night. There was the eerie silence in the sky no planes, no noise, just the stars and moon.
There was fear…
I prayed harder than I had for my country in a long time.
I was mad…
Mad that someone would attack my homeland and kill innocent people in three different places. I wanted justice…NOW!
I was scared…
For my family, I had a wife, a daughter and all I wanted to do was hold them a little extra.
I knew, I lived in the greatest place in the world!
I knew what freedom was and I had it!
I knew my President would take care of us! Stand up for us! And he did!
I knew my military would fight to preserve my freedom and eliminate terror!
I knew we would be okay!

I don’t forget that day and especially that night when I went outside when the world went quiet.

I Remember, do you?

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