I Stood Next To You…

I stood next to you…

It was the day of judgement and we were all standing before God. We were waiting to hear the final words, “Well done” or “Depart I never knew you”!

I was thinking of the things that led to this day, my baptism, my life of trying to live faithful, the many good works that were done, (building houses, delivering food, giving clothes).

I saw you in the distance and I remembered you! We were the ones that provided that house for you! I remember the sweat and scratches and joy of building that house! I remember praying for that house and the joy of our team as we put it together piece by piece. We had our picture made front of it! You were in it! I remember coming back home and thanking God for that house and the experiences our group had together.

But then…

I saw God look at you and He said, “Depart”
I shouted! “Wait a minute, Lord!” “Not her”!
“We provided for her, met her needs, surely she is going to heaven”!

Then God looked at me,
Yes, you built her a house, You provided her needs.
But you never told her about Me and the salvation found through my Son.

Therefore, she does not know Me, nor do I know her.

My heart sank as I stood there beside her, I thought our work would be good enough, I thought she would become a christian just by watching us!

It wasn’t enough. She was lost…eternally.

Now I wondered, will God hold me responsible? I had the opportunity, the chance, the ability, the right timing. What is he going to say to me? What words will I hear?
I write this just to make us think about the chances we have to tell of the salvation that is found through Jesus. How will people know unless they hear? How will they hear unless it comes from me.

Good works are AWESOME and I am all for them! Just make sure they are accompanied with the teaching of the Savior!I S

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