Catch Me If You Can!!

Catch Me If You Can!

I remember old games we played in the yard! Freeze Tag, 1-2-3 Red Light, Red Rover and others. Seems like the the concept of every game was to catch or tag the people you were playing. Running from the opponent you might often turn and make a face or say that phrases “11953247_10153589958541449_3850901208574907577_nnanny-nanny-boo-boo” or my favorite “catch me if you can”!

Being little, the only advantage I had was being fast…very fast. So, it was to my advantage in many of these games to run away from the opponent. Running fast kept me in the game and ahead of the other people trying to catch me. At times there would be someone that would be playing that would be “the slowest” in the game. You know, that person that would never win the game because they were too slow. I remember times when I thought I would never want to be that person, because they would always be the one that would “lose the game”. Sometimes I would slow down and allow them to catch me, Just for them to have the chance of continuing to play the game and winning.

I think about this in our spiritual life. Paul compares living this life as a spiritual race. We are all involved, we are all running, we are all striving to hit t
he finish line. This is not a “catch me if you can” moment, but this is a moment in which we all strive to cross the finish line. At the end of the line everyone is a winner there are no fast runners there are no slow runners, there are just people that want to cross the finish line.

I want you to cross that line with me, so that we can go back to the father in heaven. I will let you know, that I’m on my way to the finish line! I’m trying my best to get there! I have a challenge for you, “catch me if you can” and if you do I hope you’ll cross the line with me!

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