Red Cup

Red Ccoffee-mug-clip-art-220031up….

There was a lot of discussion among people about a Red Cup. I want to share a little analogy if I may.

It you want to make this cup a spiritual issue let me help you out!

When I see Red…
I see the color of a sunrise and sunset reminding me of the creation of a mighty God

When I see Red…
I think of the Red Sea, the place that God through his servant Moses, made a passage of deliverance for His chosen people. I’m thankful for the Red Sea.

When I see Red…
I think of the blood of bulls and goats, that were sacrifice to God for an atonement of sin. How each family gave the best of their flock as they obeyed God.

When I see Red…
I think of the prophet, who foretold of the Messiah, then listed the life that he would live and how he would die. And his famous statement “by his stripes we are healed”.

When I see Red…
I think of Jesus Christ who came to this earth to live a human life to bring the message of God to the world and that salvation might be found through him. I think of the scourging, beating and ultimate crucifixion that took his physical life from this world. The blood flowed on Calvary’s cross is the blood that saves you and me today.

When I see Red…
I think of baptism and the coming into contact with the blood of Jesus that saves me this day and adds me to His church.

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