Bring Him In!!!

Bring It In!
Dad would take me fishing quite often, (wish I could do that today) and we would go to several small ponds and lakes to “catch our limit”!
I was about 10 years old on one of these adventures when we went to “Runt” Camps pond out behind his store in Munford, AL. We were fishing for bass and as always you had to be quiet! Now we did not own big fancy rod and reels, it was the Zebco 33, the best! Dad, was a really good fisherman and me? Well…let’s just say that I was graduating from a cane pole fishing for bream to the casting rod! Most important, we were fishing for bass! I knew this was going to be the day!
Now we were fishing from the bank, (it was a pond) and dad decided that we needed to fish with plastic worms. Really! Plastic? He said to me, “son, you just have to be patient and take your time, the fish will bite”! Ok, your first problem dad was a plastic worm, number two, you’re asking a 10 year old to be patient. (Remember my friends, this is me)!
My dad would cast and let the worm settle to the bottom of the pond and slowly bring it in, crossing through the bottom until a bass would bite and then he would attempt to set the hook and catch the fish. After doing this procedure for a LONG time (5 minutes) neither he or I had caught the first bass.
Standing down the bank from dad, (you NEVER fished next to him unless you had permission) I had enough. It was time to play! I made a cast and would wind that green plastic worm in as fast as I could. I really like seeing it skim across the top of the water! I then heard my dads voice! JUNIOR!!!! (yes I’m named after him) You had better slow down and be patient! I heard him… but I did not listen! Next cast, out it goes and in the worm comes like a car on the Talladega race track!

Dad: SON! If you don’t slow——
Me: DAD! I got one!!
Dad: There’s no way!
Me: Dad!!! Help! It’s too big! I this point I am reeling this fish in and backing up the bank!
Dad: Hold him son! I will get it!

I brought the fish in…my first BIG Bass, 6 lbs. 14oz!
My dad was so….MAD! sort of.
Dad: I told you you have to be patient, and take your time.
Me: But Dad…
Dad: Listen to me.
We put the fish away and then I made my NEXT cast!
Me: DAD!!! (I was reeling as fast as I could) I’ve got another one!
Dad: SON! Bring it in!!!
Again, I was reeling and walking up the bank begging dad to help me!
Dad: Get it yourself!!!
Another bass, 4 lbs 10 oz.

Dad: okay time to go home….
Me: uh….okay

He didn’t say a word all the way home, until we pulled in the drive! He called out to mom, “Dean, get the camera! Look what he has caught!” He was really proud of me! We talked about it for years and years. He still didn’t like it!

Now I know that was NOT the way that you really did this! I have fished a lot more since this. I hope I have learned a lot more about being patient…
with fishing,
with family,
with friends,
with people.

I do get anxious at times, but I let God take the charge and keep me calm.
So when things get a little rough in your life, and your patience is thin, give it up to God and let Him reel it in!

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