Thank You!

Thank you!

It’s a quiet Thanksgiving morning at the Elder house. Everyone is still resting and I am up with the first cup of coffee in hand and Lucy (Danae’s dog) setting at the foot of my chair. In just a bit, we will all get busy around here getting ready for the meal we will have. Actually, a lot was completed yesterday. It is all the add-ons today! So before all of this happens, I just wanted to share with you, my friends, my family, my Thanksgiving list. So here it goes!

God – I don’t have to explain this do I? If you know me you are going to know Him!
Jesus – Same as above, but with one little catch, if not for Him how many of us would be friends? Those of you reading this make a note. If not for Him, there would be no church, no salvation, no christian schools, not even my wife. If you are my friend, it IS because of Him.
Pam – Simply the best, wife and friend. She is an awesome mom and caregiver.
Danae – You make me laugh, you make me cry. I love the woman that you are, while still trying to hold on to a bit more of being “my baby”. Always proud of you!
Mom – Thanks for showing me how to have an humble spirit. Also, for your counsel which I value greatly. Thanks for being my Mom.
My other Mom and Dad, Joyce and Kenny – You gave me the helper I needed in my life and I thank you for “picking me” out for Pam back in college on the day I moved her in!
Family: Sisters, In-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews!
The elders at Spring Meadows: Scott Ford, Tom Campbell, Chester Darden, Stephen Heffington and Chuck Terry, for guiding the Lord’s people and leading them back to Him without wavering. Also, for believing in me!
The other bond servants I am thankful to serve with: Dale and Larry Arnold! A ministry team that cares for the Lord, I love our late night planning to make Spring Meadows a better place!
Our families at Spring Meadows – We laugh, cry and love as a family!
The Spring Meadows Youth Group! – Simply stating this…I love you, thank you for trusting me and allowing me to serve you! You are the greatest!
To all of my “Jerry’s Kids” you know who you are!!! Whether you are a newborn or 40+, wherever you are from! Thank you for touching my life! Thanks for being a “Jerry’s Kid”!
To those that come to The Garage Bible Study on Monday nights! I thank you for your sincere hearts!
My brother’s in ministry – whether at Maury Christian Camp, Horizons, CYC, EYC, EU, SEC, Lectures and the list goes on. Thank you for serving the Lord! I am glad we serve together!
Thanks Webb!
To my mentors, most will never see this…but thank you, Mike Kesler, Carter Hill, Billy Smith, Chesley Thomason, Steve Baker, Joe Huckaby, Gipson Baucom and Jim Thomas.
To the greatest mentor…Dad. Thanks for teaching me about life and redemption and grace.

Thank you!

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