No Words

No Words…

I have seen this expression and used this expression many times in my ministry. When death occurs or tragedy strikes there is this moment when we ar62057_538668478399_7556363_ne in that “shock”, nothing can come from your mouth, your mind is a rolling ball of emotions.

You have no words to say…

You want to, feel like you should, you need to, but you can’t .
That’s ok. You don’t have to say anything.

There are things
you can do….

Pray….fervently pray. Labor in your prayers, there is rest and comfort.
Cry… for those affected, cry for yourself.
Listen…to those around you, to the others that are hurting, you don’t have to say anything just listen, deeply.
Be seen… sometimes just be
ing present will speak volumes. As silly as it may sound even on social media a simple “I’m here” will go a long way.
Utilized the power of touch… Hold a hand, hug, put your arms around a shoulder, be the arms of Jesus.

Let God do His work through you.

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