To Those that are Hurting

To Those that are Hurting

To those that are hurting, please understand. No one feels your hurt, your pain like you. Oh, we may say, “We know how you feel” just remember we are saying, we have been down this road and we all feel pain and hurt.


Each of us are individuals, made differently, raised differently. Some like to talk, some would rather be quiet.Some will laugh, some will shed many tears and some will shed just a few.

That’s okay.

Oh, I know there are stages that all go through, but we must remember that we go through them differently. That’s because we are all different. If we all did the same we would be robots.

Some people, hurt for a short time, some for years. Something in a spur of the moment may be a reminder of pain. Some never get over the pain.

So what do we do?

We live.

We live, we cope, we care, we love, we show compassion, we pray, we bear the burdens.
We are present, and in our absence we are present.

Even though we are different, TOGETHER, we make it through.

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