I Got It!

I Got It!!

One of my favorite phrases that I love to hear from little children is, “I Got It”! I remember my daughter at the age of three saying this time and time again.

The phone would ring… “I Got It”
A knock on the door… “I Got It”
Needing something from the kitchen… “I Got It”

ip.bitcointalk.orgIt did not matter what it was, that three year old was going to get it! At least she thought she was.

So many times today, we let other people take care of things for us, (now granted I know we can’t do it all), but there are so many things that we can do for the world around us.

We Can…
Bring someone up, when they are down.
Be a friend.
Smile at people you don’t even know.
Open the door for others!
Provide…that’s it, just provide!
Cry, with those that hurt!
Share a burden!

You Got This!

Each one of us will have a talent that we can help this world with, if we just say “I Got It”!

Believe that you can!
Don’t fear!
God is there with you, you can do these things, why do I know?
I know that you can do great things through Christ, He provides the strength! (Phil 4:13)

So everyday look for your “I Got It” moments! Seek to do good!

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