No One Is Alone

When there is a tear in your eye,
There is usually a tear in your heart.
Tonight tears are flowing, hearts are hurting,
and pain is all around.
But no one is alone.

People are anxious and waiting and lonely,and grieving is starting.

But no one is alone.

When you are confronted with storms in your life,
they can be seen, felt, experienced by others

God even knows your pain.

hurtSome have been there, some are there,
some will battle the rest of their lives.

But no one is alone.

Even though I may think, may feel, and it may seem that I am alone.
I’m not.
For no one is ever alone.


For I receive comfort, from those that are around.
My God, my family, my friends.

For I receive strength from a written word,
A text, an email, or card given by a friend..
Definitely from the word of God!

For I receive hope in a brighter tomorrow,
Share to me by God through the love of His Son!

Although I know that the pain will never go away,
I know, I will NEVER BE ALONE.

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