When I Die…


When I die…

There’s an old spiritual that we sing called I’m a Hard Fightin’ Soldier. In this song it displays the attitude and the actions of a Christian in his every day walk of life. 
The final verse in the song that says “when I die let me die, in the service of my Lord”. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what this verse is saying. I believe it is a copy of the scripture that says “be faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life!”(Rev. 2:10)

Are we truly living and working in our life that when we die, the Lord looks down upon us, and he says to you and me…

Thank you for working for me!

Thank you for fulfilling the commission that you were given! Thank you for seeking the lost!

Thank you for feeding the hungry,

Thank you for providing shelter to the homeless,

Thank you for giving a drink of water in My name.

Every good and faithful deed that we do in our life, should, no, MUST be done in the name of Jesus.
The service that we do for the Lord, will reap eternal benefits! Not just for you,but for others that you serve.
Seek out to serve those that are around you. 

Not just the poor, but the rich.

Not just the lost, but also the saved!

Not just those who grieve, but also those that rejoice!
Service is to be rendered to all in this world. 
I used to hear in prayer, “Lord, wear us out in your service”
I pray that prayer more today than I ever have. I hope that you will pray this in your life. Faithful servant.

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