Watch This!!!

batman-costume-for-kids-4Watch This!

I was trying to think of the many times I heard this phrase and the situations that it was a part of. From the most dangerous of moments to the most fantastic times I’ve ever witnessed!

Sounds confusing?


Watch This!

My Cousin Russell – Hey let’s play Batman and Robin!
Me: Awesome!!! I’m going to be…Bat..
Russell – I’M BATMAN!!! you are too short!
Me: (Reluctantly and some what angry) Sure go ahead, I will be Robin!

Russell: Okay, let’s go up to the barn loft (aka the Bat Cave)!
When the Bat call comes we will jump out of the loft, grab hold of the WILLOW tree and swing to the ground!

The Bat call comes…

Me: It’s pretty tall…
Russell: That’s the reason I’m Batman, I’m not scared.
Me: okay..
Russell: WATCH THIS!

He begins to run, leaps out of the loft, grabs the Willows tree limb and strips the leaves off as he screams falling to the ground!


I look out the loft to see Russell grimacing in pain and then he say’s “Your Turn”

Me: Nope, I’m not Batman! I proceed to walk down and out of the barn!
I’m pretty confident that we have all seen examples of those that have said “WATCH THIS” only to see the consequences not end well! However, many times we fall into the trap and do the same things, thinking, it will never happen to me!

That’s what happens with people that take chances with God. They will flirt with the sin until it traps them and they fall. THEN, they want others to follow them.

I would rather people “WATCH THIS”…

Watch the people living a christian life!
Watch the people overcoming evil!
Watch the parents raise their children in the Lord.
Watch the young people with their passion in doing whats right!
Watch the old leading people to the light!
Watch what Jesus did for you and me!
Watch what heaven holds for us!

I hope that when you are around I can show you how to, WATCH THIS!

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