I Watched Your Hands Today

I Watched Your Hands Today

IMG_4649The hospital brought your food in and set it before you. I knew you were not very hungry, but you wanted to get a little down just for the nourishment.

You opened the plastic bag and took out the fork and began to move the food on your plate and as you did this it hit me…

Your hands, yes I know they are bruised and battered from the pricks and sticks in the hospital but it is more than that. Let me tell you what I saw in your hands…


They were reaching out for a newborn child.
They have clothed and fed and nurtured.
They have held a cut and a scrape together so I couldn’t see how bad it was.
They have wore my rear end out when I told that lie… and then some.
They have made many a home made biscuit and cut a ton of potatoes.
They have served others.
They have chopped and picked cotton.
They have typed over a million words.
They hav
wore the most precious engagement ring and then wedding band, for 60 years.They have endured hardship and overcome.
They have held joy in grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
They have rubbed the ears of dogs and they shooed away the cats.
They have braided hair.
They have wiped tears away.
They have held your face when the pain was unbearable with loss.
They are battered and worn and bent, but they are strong,
They have turned the pages of the word of God and believed and obeyed.
They have folded in prayer.
They hold on for help.

I’m thankful for your hands that pointed me in the right way.
I’m thankful for your hands!

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