I traveled down to “ the Great State of Alabama” to do some work around my home place and to take care of some business for Mom.

It seems that every time I go down I drive by the graveyard where my Grandparents (Bittles) and my Dad are resting.

Sometimes I stop, sometimes I don’t. But today was one of those days that I just needed to stop and have that silent conversation. As I walked by the line of graves I came upon Dads first, and I gave him a report on how mom is doing. I think he would be pretty proud of her in many aspects, however he would’ve been extremely worried a few weeks ago about her health. Of course his answer to everything in life was “you need to eat a little more! That’ll make you healthy.”

I walked away, thinking about some things he would’ve found very humorous going on today in our world. I laughed inside.


Then I move down a couple of graves to wear my Grandmama and my Granddaddy Bittle are buried.

It’s been a long time and what goes through my mind is the “if’s”, you know we all have them.

If you had lived a little longer you would have..

seen me graduate college.
met the most beautiful girl that became my wife. (She is pretty awesome)
met the child that I absolutely adore. (she acts somewhat like you, Grandmama)
seen me get to do what I love to do the most! (Be a youth minister)
seen me piddle…thanks Granddaddy!

FullSizeRenderBut you didn’t… you went on to your reward!

In my 19 and 21 years that I had you here, you left me this…

A genuine love for others around me
The knowledge in knowing how to raise a family
A work ethic…
The ability to love everyone…regardless.
How to remember that family is important
The way to find my way home with God.

You need to know that your efforts still live on today!
You are missed, and always remembered!

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