Get On The Truck!!!

Get on the truck!

As young boys living where we did it was not unusual for us to have campouts. Now it was a weeknight and a cousin and a neighbor and I asked if we could stay out. After the okay from our parents, we set out to the woods. Now this watoms trucks behind the house deep into the woods that you would have to walk or carefully maneuver your bicycle (we were not old enough to drive).

We had it all planned out…food, drinks, cards and uhhhh, yep thats it, just hanging out together. We knew we could be a bit louder where we were because houses were so far away, so when we laughed it was loud! It got late and we decided that we would venture back into the neighborhood, just walking not doing anything crazy. Unfortunately, we were still loud! Very loud! I remember all of us saying at one time or another to quiet down..but we didn’t .

We were not too far from my house walking down the street…It must have been 3 or 4am and I heard this voice from the house say firmly…”get in the house”…NOW! Then another voice from another house…”get in the house”. Okay, I get it, we were caught. We will just go on in and go to bed.

Now I don’t recall what happened to the other guys, but let me say our choices had some pretty bad consequences.

I walked into the house and heard Mom tell me there was no need for us to be “wandering up and down the road like that” I think the phrase “you’ll get shot” caught my attention. After that I thought I would receive my punishment and go to bed.


Did I mention it was early in the morning! Yep and it was time for Dad to go to work. He looked at me and said, “Get on the truck” He worked for Tom’s Peanuts and Chips and drove a huge truck. My reply was also wrong when I asked “Why”?

“Get on the truck”

So I got on the truck and away we went to load the truck for the day. I thought, maybe I will help load the truck and then he will drop me off at home. With the truck loaded, we drove by the house and…passed the house and headed to town. When we would stop at a store he made sure I was doing the work. Taking the order, filling the order, filling the machines and chip and candy racks. At the end of the stop he would say:

Dad: Finished?
Me: Yes Sir.
Dad: Get On the truck.

I would go and get on the truck and stay till he finished collecting for the merchandise.

Then to the next stop.

Repeat actions of first stop – then hear the phrase

Get on the truck!!!

For 25 stops that day, I heard that phrase.

I was wore out by 10am – I hadn’t slept and he was not going to let me sleep!

Toward the end of the day I finished a stop, and was in the back of the truck where the chips were. I thought, I will just lay down here for a second….and then I heard, what are you doing?
There was NO REST, and there was no seat on the truck! All I could think about was GET ME OFF THIS TRUCK.

We got home, and Dad called me into the living room. There he explain to me about the consequences of bad choices and the choice I made had to have consequences. Needless to say, I have never forgotten that day.

Thanks for teaching me…

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