That would have been you age today! If you were here today you would have been excited! You would have been at the finish line when Danae crossed finishing her half marathon. Then you would have proceeded to tell me to go get the car so that baby won’t have to walk to it!

I would have gladly done it!

Then you would have been excited to have seen Danae high school friends together as they watched Allison May get married today. You would have reminded me how good those girls are and they are good friends!

You would have enjoyed going out to eat tonight! Mom had her catfish,(so did Pam) Now Danae and I had a steak, just the way you like it!

You always loved your Birthday, at least that’s what Mom says! I told her you didn’t like the birthday as much as you loved the cake that she made for you!

We both know that is true!

So Happy Birthday Dad! I can’t express how much I miss you and would love to just talk for a bit!

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