Come Back!!

In 1979 (yes, I know that was a while back) my freshman year in college. I had a hispanic friend Enrique, who went to a store to purchase a few things. When leaving the store, he heard the words “COME BACK”! So, he turned around went back to the counter and stood there. The lady was checking out another customer and did not acknowledge him. So he turned around
and was walking toward the door when he heard those words again “COME BACK”! Again, he turned around walked back to the counter stood there while she checked out another customer. The lady notices him there and then asks him “can I help you”? Enrique looks at her and says, “Lady, each time I was at the door, you have told me to “COME BACK”, I have come back twice, I thought YOU needed something”!

AH, our phrases… the taking literally of something that was meant for the future.

Many of us have heard that phrase “COME BACK” but we knew it meant to come back and shop again. Enrique literally thought it meant to “COME BACK” immediately!

Quite often, people will follow the Lord, worship the Lord, live for the Lord! Then, they will turn and walk toward the door to go away from Him. All along, God is there saying, “COME BACK”! Many of us will just walk out the door thinking, I will “COME BACK” later. Some never return.

We don’t get it!

When God say’s “Come Back” we should react the my friend Enrique did, turning IMMEDIATELY and walking back toward him!

Unlike the lady who did not acknowledge my friend, God ALWAYS acknowledges those that “COME BACK”!
Are you at the door? Beyond the door?

God is asking you to “COME BACK”!

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