Just a Glimpse!

Just a Glimpse

It’s a strange word. Glimpse. It’s meaning? A momentary or partial view.


While in college I had a friend who lived in Memphis and we went to his home one weekend. He asked if I had ever been to Elvis’ home. I said no, but was thinking this is going to be great! Now Gr
aceland was not open to the public yet, (yes it was that long ago) so we went to it…at NIGHT.
There it was all lit up and the walls had the writing from all the people that loved him. Then my friend says, “let’s go around back and see the cars”
Do what? I asked.
My friend – “See his cars, they are in the back yard”!
Me – Sure!
Well, there is this issue of a wall that goes all around and one short person!
When we got to the back, I climbed the wall and for a second, and got that glimpse of Elvis’ cars!  Wow!
And the security system!
Needless to say we got out of there pretty quick!

I’ve never been back, I’ve never seen the cars. But I had my glimpse!

We all have had a glimpse! Maybe it was of a special car, a movie star, a famous singer. You didn’t get a long view, nor a clear picture. But…

You knew what you saw! Even if it was a glimpse!

God through His beautiful word has given us such a glimpse of heaven! John saw it in a vision and shared it with us! Revelation 21 gives us that glimpse. Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you, John 14.

I know that it is there! I know I want to see the fullness of it!
I don’t want a GLIMPSE!
Neither do you….

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