Just an Observation!

After a week in El Salvador and 2 weeks of church camp. Here are some things that I have noticed about young people (and a few older mixed in)!


Young and old can get along. (I witnessed mutual respect)
Language is not a barrier when the eyes and heart are active.
Laughter is essential. (even at the dumbest things!)
A soul that gives their life to the Lord is worth the tears of joy!
Traditions in camp are a good thing!
A 10 year old can teach an 18 year old a few things and a 55 year old many things!
Older people want to be loved and young people want to give love.
Vice-versa from number 7!
Smiles are contagious.
God is powerful in the lives of ALL ages!
Young people want to do good. Let them.
Everyone loves God’s creation!

People want to put down the young and old. I guess I live in a different world than most. I still believe and have witnessed more good being done than bad.
God still wins!

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