You Made Me a Father

You Made me a Father

1463016_806134160029_2598170422019034130_nNeedless to say, I really miss my Dad today. But you are all around me. When I woke up this morning, I could see you getting ready for worship, using that single edge razor and Barbasol shaving cream and using the hair oil to put your hair in place. You would ask Mom to help you button that top button on your shirt so you could put that tie on. You would set at the table with biscuit and eggs and your Bible at the side just to get that last minute study of the scriptures before Bible class.

Get to church “On Time”? Nope, got to get there early! Got people to greet, new ones to meet! You were genuinely excited about worshipping God.

But it wasn’t always this way. I remember the time you were away from God. When God didn’t matter.

Thanks for changing… repenting… converting.

I’m glad I got to see this side of you…and this is the side I thank God for. Why? Because it has made me the Father I need to be.

You showed me how to love. God. My wife, my daughter, my mom, my family, my church.
You showed me how to care, for the lonely, the hurting, the poor. Unconditionally.
You showed me how to laugh. At anything.

I am who I am because of the new you!
I miss you, forever love you!

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