So you want to change.
You want to be different.
The weight of the world is slapping you in your face.
The stress of life has control of you.

You wanWLU2DS12t to scream!!!
You pound the steering wheel, the pillow.

But no one sees you.

You try to do it alone, because you think you can do it by yourself.
You have to do it by yourself.
No one can see your weakness.
Because YOU have to have it ALL together.

You need to let go of you!

Understand this, God never intended for you to do this alone.
Even Jesus took people with Him while he prayed.

Surround yourself. With family, church family.
Pray. To God. A lot. Be real. Be Honest.
Cast your cares on Him.
Read. His word. Believe His word. Listen.

Change. It’s Okay!

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