Aren’t You Tired?

Aren’t You Tired?

Summers for Youth Ministers are generally filled up! I mean it’s foreign mission trip, VBS, summer camps, summer youth series, stateside mission trips, etc.etc..

IMG_3809.JPGSome one asked me recently, “How do you do it?” referring to the schedule, “don’t you get tired?”

There’s a simple yet complex answer:

If you think that the lack of sleep and the event after event doesn’t get you tired. Guess again. You have never seen me after a week of camp coming home on a Friday, looking for the hot shower then…the recliner. No, not the bed, the recliner. There I reach the first rest for a few hours, then followed by a few hours of peaceful sleep in the bed.

Then it’s back at it! Full Speed….

That’s where the “No” I don’t get tired comes in. I honestly can’t wait to serve God in the next event or activity or opportunity. I get anxious, I anticipate, I can’t sit still.

The tiredness seems to go away

But how? I learned a long time ago t
at there are three things you need to make this work.

  1. Have people praying specifically for you.Calling you by name, where you are going, what you are doing. Praying for boldness, strength, endurance. I know several that do this for me, and I encourage you to pray for me too!
  2. Look forward to what you are doing! I don’t have a job, I have a ministry! I get to serve God in a special way, with some awesome young people!
  3. Remember your mission! Yes, get your rest, take care of yourself, but remember your mission.

I remember the phrase from prayers long ago, “wear us out in YOUR SERVICE Lord!”

Wear me out God!

Thanks for letting me serve you!




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