Catch the Light, Dad!

Catch the Light, Dad!!!

Last spring Danae (my daughter) and I took a father-daughter trip to Gatlinburg. We woke up early to go hiking, which we both love so off to Cades Cove and out to Abrams Falls! As we are driving around the loop, Danae suggest that we really shouldn’t hike Abrams Fall.

10644869_895571441999_6774273191180562970_n“Where do you want to hike?” I asked.

“Let’s do the Chimney’s!” she replied.

“What! The CHIMNEYS?” I gasped…
“Sure Dad, WE can do them!”

After thinking, it’s been several years since we went to the tops, I haven’t prepared myself for this. I was thinking an easy, stress free hike. Not the climb up Mt. Everest of Tennessee.

(I exaggerate of course).

“Okay, Let’s go!” Not to be a downer, or to let her see my questioning whether I could do this or not, we began the hike.

Spending time walking and talking was fun, we were not in a hurry, in fact we (I) stopped a couple of times just to take a break.

We got to the top and there is that section that you climb up the rock.

Heavy breath here…
“Are we going to do this?” I asked.“Of course, Dad, you can do this!” she exclaimed!

Carefully climbing we reached the top, and of course the view is absolutely awesome!

We were taking pictures, she with arms outstretched as she conquered the mountain, the world! Then she said, “Dad catch the light!”

Reaching up, and getting the camera just at the right angle, it looks like I could have pulled the sun right out of the sky! I made the joke that’s where I get my continual strength (superpowers) from!

After the hike down, and rest for the evening, I thought about these things!
I’m thankful for the daughter that challenges me to a higher challenge!
I’m thankful for the daughter that encourages me, to keep pressing on!
I’m thankful for the daughter that tells me to “Catch the Light”!
In looking forward…
I’m thankful for God, that leads me to higher ground everyday!
I’m thankful for my brothers and sister, who encourages me to press on, even in difficult times!
I’m thankful for Jesus who IS MY LIGHT!


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