What Will I See Today?

What Will I See Today?




The vision of my life can be somewhat skewed at times. Seeing only what I want to see. So today, I will look harder, deeper, to relate and in my vision I will make a choice of what I will do today.

I will look for:

The light of Jesus in others lives… If it is not there, I will gladly share mine with them.
The darkness of hurt and anger… I will try to bring peace to them.
The need of food, shelter and clothing, the basic needs of living…I will try to fill those needs.
The widow and the widower who needs to hear a hello…I will be that voice.
The teen who feels they don’t belong. I will help them to belong.
The person living in the past…I will encourage them to live for the future.
The person who wants to share with me…so I can be encouraged by them.
Those who need love…and I will give genuine love.

The one in the mirror…and pray that I will be what God expects me to be!

That’s what I want to see….today!.

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