Be Kind

Being Kind…

Is it really that hard?

How complicated is it to respect one another, to care for one another?

Honestly, I think we do okay. I still see people holding doors, saying hello, smiling.

11259504_836899845349_6258198736955967901_nBut I believe we can do better…

But the only way we do better is to put it into practice. (Practice what you preach)!

You can tell someone to be kind all day long and they may never do it.

Teach them how to be kind by example, and they will look for ways to be kind.

They will look for the hungry, the sad, the weak.
They will look for the hurting, the grieving, the lonely.

They will join with others who desire to do good to all people.
They will combine together and kindness will overflow.

In return, you will receive kindness.

Change the world.

Be kind.

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