I Got to Say Thank You

I Got To Say Thank You!

Friday, October 14th I made my way to the funeral home. There the family of David Davidson was visiting with friends. I have never called him David, he is always Brother. Since 1983, being with him in various events from Church to Columbia Academy to serving with him on the Maury Christian Camp board, all of these things were special..Cannot forget the sharing of a birthday with my daughter Danae! Oh yes, don’t forget the rivalry of the Alabama – Auburn game each year! (Roll Tide Madie Fae!) What a joy of life!Thank you for being my friend and my Brother.

So as I was standing in that long well deserving line of love at the funeral home, I looked at the faces. The former students, the church members (from everywhere), the community were all there to tell the family thank you! Tears, laughter and love was all around.

The influence of the Davidson family is very special to me.

Here is a story you may not know…
The Davidson family are preachers.
While getting ready to share my love with sister Davidson, I noticed a older gentleman setting with the family. She informed me that was his brother Harrell.

That may mean very little to you, but to me…it means the world.

You see in 1981, Harrell Davidson was preaching a gospel meeting in my hometown of Munford, Alabama. I was home on break from FHU. I was enjoying this meeting so much.
My Dad, was not faithful to the Lord in fact he had not been in the building since 1970. I had told him about the meeting (not expecting him to care). He came in early from work. Asked if he thought if it would be okay if he went to the meeting.

Brother Harrell Davidson like his brother David share the same compassion and love for the souls of people. His presentation of the Lord’s word was piercing to a hard hearted man. My dad, responded that night and remained faithful till his death.

I spoke to Harrell, this man that I had not seen on over 35 years, told him my name and he looked at me and said, “I remember your dad”!
All I could say to him was Thank You, for being a servant for the Lord.

This is the Davidson Family.
Whether, Bill or David or Harrell. These men had/have a passion for the Lord and the souls of man. Their influence is not just in a local community, it is around the world.

So for your love I tell you, Thank You.

Phil. 1:3

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