I Made My Choice

I Made My Choice…

When I made my choice, it was difficult. You see I have seen the corruption and the deceit and I thought: What is the right way?

I have witnessed some making their choice and many were joyous in their decision. There seemed to be a pleasure for them. Not pious or I’m better than you, just a true joy for their decision.

I’ve seen others make their choice and then after a while they turned away from their decision. I thought once you made it, you should embrace it and share your choice with others. Maybe even tell them why and how you made your decision.

Then I know of some that made no choice at all….

I prayed about it, spoke with others about it, listened to others that made their choice.

Then it happened…

I made MY choice and I will be sticking with it!


To be a follower of Jesus and obey HIS commands. To do HIS will and to bring others to HIM!

This alone will CHANGE the world for an eternity!

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