Good Morning World!

If someone were writing your obituary, what would it say? I guess I have read thousands and have helped to write a few and it always amazes me about what we write about others. They write kind things about family, friends, the work place, the social life and the involvement in church. They talk about family and extended family, the choice of who will be pallbearers and honorary pallbearers. Your life in a 150-250 words.

You would probably like what they wrote about you.

But, what would God write about you?

You see God sees it all, knows it all and will reveal it all in the end. Would what your friends and family have written about you match up to the things that God KNOWS about you?

What would be the order of the things that written? What would be FIRST? Your occupation? Your family relations? Your philanthropy lifestyle? What about your faith?

Where would it all line up?

You see God is only concerned about ONE thing. Your FAITHFULNESS.

IF you are faithful to HIM in this life all of the others things line up. Faith -Family- Friends.

Would those that live around you recognize you as a faithful servant, first? Or would this be a passing thought, just an inclusion in a document with other accolades?

Let us live our lives that when we die, those that write our obituary from the beginning to the end can only write about our dedication and love to the Lord.

Let us live our life that when we meet God, He looks and calls your name and says, Well done, good and faithful servant.

Thats the best obituary line I can think of….written by….YOU!

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