Thankful Hearts

Thankful Hearts…

Every prayer he led that phrase was used. It is with “thankful hearts” that we…(you fill in the line) and it probably came from his lips. Some would call it a pet phrase, but I know better. I knew the heart of the one who said it.

Thankful hearts for family.
Thankful hearts for friends.
Thankful hearts for the church.
Thankful hearts for spiritual and material blessings.
Thankful hearts for a loving Savior.

I learned what a “thankful heart” means from him.

To have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear.
It wasn’t about having the best, or even having anything at all.
It was about receiving what was given and earned.
Knowing where it came from.
It is because of God that ALL blessings come.

And it is with a “Thankful Heart” that I have you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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