1:05am – 6 years ago

It’s late..again,

Well not really, most of you know me and that I don’t require that much sleep. However, I will say that tonight is different.

I am watching the clock. it’s 12:52am. My mind is drifting back to 6 years ago, in the ICU of Regional Medical Center in Anniston, Alabama. Mom had just left the hospital after 2 weeks and exploratory surgery. Dad was beside her all the way…until he got sick. A trip to his doctor, test home then back to the ER with shortness of breath. Eventually on the vent, placed in ICU, there for an eternity…so it seemed.

The people there new us as the family with both parents in the hospital. They checked on us, prayed with us and some cried with us.

Mom was better…going home. Dad, well the doctors told us he wouldn’t make it.
Mom had not seen him for 13 days…he was contagious. Today she would. just to tell him she loved him and that she would see him again. (that’s faith).
After she left with my wife and brother-in-law. My sister and I sat with dad.
The vent was out…he was comfortable. (those nurses were awesome)
They didn’t run us out of the room. We sat there as his vitals slowly decreased.
My sister and I…we talked, a lot. and we sat there in silence.
I held Dad’s hand. I watched the last three beats of his heart….
To me, it was his last “I Love You”. here on this earth.

1:05 am. – Dad went home.

6 years ago…seems like forever, sometimes like yesterday.
I miss him,
Mom misses him. everyday.

So today I will honor him in the best way I can. By being the person he wanted me to be everyday…
A Christian
A Husband
A Dad
A Difference Maker

So If you see a tear, I’m okay. I’m just missing my dad.
Love you all!

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