Grandmama and Granddaddy Bittle

During this time of the year, I think about my Grandmama and Grandaddy Bittle. They have been gone for quite a while, (Grandaddy died in 1979, Grandmama in 1981) yea, quite a while. You have read a few stories about them in my writings, but as I write this, I was thinking about what they did for us as children and grandchildren.

They were not rich…but yet they were…
Grandaddy was a hard worker, farming, a rolling store, even share-cropping. He was a constable for a while.
Grandmama was a wife, mother worked in the powder plants during the war then retired from the textile mills as a seamstress!

They worked hard for what they had, built the house themselves…the early photos showed the tar-paper house they lived in. The old cistern caught the water until the wells were dug. Grandmama could sew and cook with the best of them, it always seemed when there wasn’t enough to eat…there was enough. Those dresses made from flour sacks must have been phenomenal, the one that My mom wore caught my dads eye! And yes, I looked sharp in that lime green leisure suit with the bell bottom pants!

They provided…
Family took care of family…in good times and bad. They loved unconditional. They disciplined with love. They guided our family with God’s word. Prayer was important and people mattered.

They left us knowledge that sticks with us today. Things taught to their children were passed down to us and yes we have passed those things down to our children. They might not the professional way…but it was the way Grandmama and Grandaddy did it. Enough said!

I could write a book of adventures with my memories of them, (might do it some day) I wish you could have know them.

In essence you do, for when you see me or any of the other of the Bittle’s you see a bit of them!

Family Matters…

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