The Pain

Wrote this a couple of years ago…worth visiting again.

When Your Heart Hurts

I can’t get this pain out of my heart, that’s what I heard her say. At first I was really concerned because we are suppose to “get over” tragic events in our lives, so they say.

Hurt and grief are natural, it shows a compassion for those around you, there are things that still pain my heart even after years has passed. I have heard that it gets easier, sometimes it is, sometimes not. I also believe that people handle hurt and grief differently. We are all different.

So why am I writing this, to change people. No. To speak to a particular group, no. Really, I’m writing this just to make us aware that when there is hurt and grief, there is compassion.

Love hurts. How do I know? Every person I love has pain and when they have pain, I have pain, whether it is illness or death or any hurt that comes on them. I don’t hurt FOR them I hurt WITH them. I ache, I hurt and yes I even cry. Why, because I love them.

Everyone needs compassion, each in their own time, when they are ready for it I hope I am there.
Love you..

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