Please, Be a Parent

Please, be a parent….

Quite often I am asked to speak to groups about Teen-Parent relationships. There have been volumes written on what parents should and shouldn’t do. How children should respond. I have found these writings to be helpful and recommend you read them. Some things you will agree with, some you will not. (by the way, I am far from an expert)

Interesting… sounds like life.

So I am going to make just a few statements (suggestions) that you may agree or disagree with, that’s okay if you do, it will not hurt my feelings.

SPIRITUALLY – Raise your children in the Lord. This is not an option. God has commanded it. In the home, outside of the home, raise (teach) your children that the FAMILY lives and serves God first. Be ACTIVE in the church. TALK about Jesus, God and the family FAITH.
Parents – YOU are the LEAD.

PHYSICALLY – When the SPIRITUAL life is lived, it is witnessed in the PHYSICAL life. It is seen in the way you talk in your life. It is seen in the places you go with your family. It is seen in how you dress. It is seen in your interaction with others around.
Parents, YOU are the LEAD.

WORK TOGETHER but BE THE PARENT – Your children will try you, beg you, and yes… deceive you. Be reminded that there are always CONSEQUENCES for decisions. Good and Bad. YOU as a PARENT are responsible.
Parents – YOU are the LEAD.

LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY (that’s all I will say)
Parents – YOU are the LEAD

I could list many more, but focus on these.


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