It’s Friday

It’s Friday,

School is now on the downhill slide (just ask the Seniors). The work week ends for those Monday – Friday employers. Yards need mowing, trips will be made, sporting events for the little ones all make for a busy weekend. Then comes Sunday. What will you do? Where will you be?

Last week, I’m guessing was one of the highest attendance in our churches. I’m happy for that.

I don’t know about this week…

I pray all of them will be back, and then some more.

But I must ask some questions?

Will we be there, to worship God?
Will we be greeting and loving to the stranger that walks through the door?
Will we remember the guest that were there last week and PERSONALLY invite them back this week?

Or will we go back to like it was?
Will we be content?
Does it matter?
We will make another excuse NOT to be with our brothers and sisters? To worship God?

Every time we worship, each time we meet, we need to see who is missing and let them know they are missed!

That’s not just the duty of the shepherds, it is ALL of our duty!

Honestly, I miss you when you are not here. We both need God.

So yes, it’s Friday, I will see you Sunday?

Love you ALL.

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