Yes, I have waited late to write this. Why? Well, just wanted to soak in this day. 88 is what you would have been and you would have loved this day! Probably not because it was your birthday, but mainly because it was the “Lords Day” !

I had some friends that had a set of twins born and I was thinking how neat that is, another reminder of how good life is. The preaching and singing at Spring Meadows was great today! I had the honor of baptizing a young man into Christ today. A NEW Birthday.

Lunch with Mom and Pam, and several other friends including Julie and Chesley Thomason. It was good spending time with them.

Mom has been a bit distant, somewhat depressed, so we talk. She just misses you terribly.

So do I.

I got to be with some my Youth Minister friends tonight at the Area-Wide, over 700 were there! Oh yes, we went skating afterwards and yes I did participate. And NO I did not fall and break anything. (I just did what you would have done)!

On the way home tonight, I looked at the clock, It was 9:30 and though you have been absent for 6 years I miss those Sunday night calls. Tonight I prayed and thanked God for all those years of calls.

I spoke with the baby, that what she will always be. We shared our thoughts and understand.

So it’s time to call it a night, You have been on my mind all of this day. So before this clock strikes 12 here I will tell you Happy Birthday Dad! Love you and miss you!

P.S. The Braves lost…again.

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