Another Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day

Yes, this is another one of those writings honoring Mom’s!

If you haven’t heard, I love my Mom a lot. Every year I try to write something to honor her and to let her know how much I love her. This year is no different.

Society and culture have had a lot of changes, especially over that last 50+ years.
Some thing with Moms haven’t changed

They are awesome multi-taskers!
They are awesome givers!
They have great compassion!
They are not only good at being a Mom for you, but for others also!
They listen.
They make sure you are dressed right!
They let you know it when you look good… and when you don’t!
They will be like a Momma hen and cover you up when it rains.
They will also attack any predator that tries to get their baby!
They cook…real good.
They are always concerned…and then some more.
They can talk your ears off.
They still give the BEST hugs.
They are still called out first by every athlete on TV!
They are Mom’s

So much more could be written and I’m sure you could add much more. Just be reminded,
Every day is Mother’s Day!

Love you Mom!

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