Dear Seniors,

Dear Seniors,

Congratulations on graduation. You will march down an isle to “Pomp and Circumstance”, listen to the tops of your class talk about the past that led you to this day. You will listen to a speech made by a person who’s name you will never recall and you definitely will not remember what he said, even though it was very challenging! You will walk back, gather in a group throw your hats in the air with a joyous scream! Then you will cry a little (some a lot!) You will say some goodbyes by giving hugs and taking many pictures. You will have a party – reception – dinner. You will open gifts…cash, gift cards and gift cards, did I mention gift cards?

What a day!

But then it ends..

You will have that moment of reflection, quiet, a bit of somberness.

You will think…what’s next? Even though you have it mapped out, you will ask that question.

Let me encourage you to do a few things…please.

Say THANK YOU – who to? Everyone, parents, teachers, coaches, band directors, people at work, at church. The Lunch Ladies, the janitor. The people that have made YOU who YOU are.

BREATHE – Keep your plans in front of you and take ONE STEP AT A TIME.

HAVE SOME FUN! GOOD – CLEAN – FUN, don’t ruin your reputation or damage your character over something that is useless.

Finally….Remember who you are first…God’s child. Thank HIm.

Love you,

Mr. Jerry

P.S. Mom’s and Dad’s – You done good!

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