I Am My Fathers Son

I Am My Father’s Son!

Happy Fathers Day! I guess I have been told that a few hundred times today! So naturally my mind has drifted back to times with my dad. Wow, I sure miss him.
But there are some things that have reminded me of him recently.

The way I tie my tie…nothing fancy or anything special. He taught me how to do it!
Certain phases that I say…common to hear, but I hear his voice when I say them!
Certain looks that I give…most wouldn’t notice, but those that knew my dad knew those looks!
Laughter…when I laugh I can almost feel him inside of me.
The way I SNORE…I mean SLEEP…yeah, thanks dad!
Loving people…when I meet knew people I remember who was the teacher in greeting.
Thanks Dad.
Loving God…this came later in your life, but even then you showed me hoe to love God…and other people.

I am my fathers son and very proud to be. I pray my fathers legacy lives on through my child and for generations to come.

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