What I Left Behind…

What I Left Behind…

Just finished up my 37th year at Horizons. This image was the last one on my camera as I left the campus.

So what did I leave behind? Let me share a few things with you…

I left a Band of Brothers and Sisters. Counselors, Bible Teachers, Security, Nurses, Coordinators and other Staff that makes this week with over 975 campers a total success!

I left a place that helped make me who I am. Freed-Hardeman taught me to be the person I am today. I am glad to she is in good hands and STILL doing great things.

I left an atmosphere that cannot be described in words. Only by experience, by bring there. The lessons, the singing, the activities made a wonderful week.

I left behind emotions. I laughed, cried, hurt, felt joy and pain. The joy of a seeing a new birth (baptism) the turning of a soul from the dark to the light.

Hurting with the loss of campers as they learned the loss of a loved one, but seeing the church (Christian young people rally around) and share love with them even though they did not know them.

I left behind a host of young people that I love dearly. They have gone back to their homes. They have gone back with a stronger faith, deeper love and a hope of eternity.
They come from different parts of the world…thats right the WORLD. Different cultures, different social status, but ONE faith in common.

They are the rebellion. A Beautiful Rebellion. They will change this world, one soul at a time.

What I left behind is not really behind.

I take with me wherever I go the memory and hope of being together again.

Because of Jesus….

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