Remember Your Children!

We had the honor of working with some great brothers and sisters in a VBS in a rural community. We ate in local restaurants, stayed in a local lodge and loved every minute of the VBS with the church.

A congregation of a little over 40 averaged 105 for the week! There were children from nursery to a large adult class.

There were a lot of smiles…a lot of laughter…a lot of joy and a lot of people showing how much they loved God!

One thing touched my heart…. There was a lady who came with her two children the youngest just two weeks old. That’s right TWO weeks! She sat in my adult class and listened intently with that baby by her side. We spoke in my class about obligations from parents and their command to raise their children to love and obey God.

I thanked her for coming to the VBS and for bringing the children.

Dad’s and Mom’s, let me encourage you, get your children in Bible classes, even if they are in the carrier!

Teach a class, assist in a class, volunteer at teen devotionals, GO to your children’s church events. (SIDE-NOTE—-Youth Ministers have a open door policy!)

The point is…PARENTS…do your part!
I know you get tired.
I know you might not be interested.
I know your children will be noisy, unsettled.
I know there are OTHER things.


I know you will NOT REGRET having your family there to pray, study and fellowship!
I know you will GROW spiritually!
I know you have a DEEPER RELATIONSHIP with God and with Jesus.

And God will too!

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