Just Think About It!

Just Think About It?

I loved my Granddaddy Bittle. He was a humble gentleman, great father and an awesome Grandaddy!

He NEVER did anything fast. Of course, he was slow due to some health issues, but I believe he took his time on everything he did.
I remember one time we were sitting on the porch at his house taking a break and he was getting ready to move to the next project. I was anxious wanting to get the job done to move on in the day. He would often stop me by saying, Just Think About It…

Think About What? That’s what came to my mind…we have got to complete this task, get it over, too much to do and too little time to get it done!!!

Son, Just Think About It…

Then I learned one of the most valuable lessons.
When he would sit and think, he was planning. He couldn’t write it out on a piece of paper. He could only write his name a few other things.

When the time would come he would get up and begin his task. As following the instruction of a complex piece of equipment, he made the task at hand look simple and easy. Oh, don’t get me wrong there was plenty of hard labor, but when the job was finished it wasn’t done hap-hazardly. It was done the right way, the first time.


Just Think About It!

Wouldn’t life be better, easier, simpler, less complex if we took the time to..Just Think About It.


Be Still.
Be Patient.
Be Quiet.
Think – Plan – Execute

It works in ALL manors of life.

Just Think About It!

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