It’s My Bible

It’s My Bible!

You see me carry it all around.

It is wrapped in red duct tape to keep what is left of the cover together! It has and will travel with me for many miles. People have asked, what about the new technology? I say, I have got it and I use it, just not like my old paper bible.

It has been wet, had cokes spilled on it. It has been left outside at camp while we were baptizing someone and has traveled to a few foreign countries.

It is marked up pretty good and has a few sermon outlines written in it. It has been there with me through some good times and bad. My dads fingerprints are in it as well as a number of teens as they have used it.

It has some papers that I keep in it that are pretty special as well. A bulletin, a picture and a dollar bill all carry a lesson for others around.

There are questions that are written in Spanish from kids concerned about their souls. That bible has been there to help me in all my work for a long time now. It shows the love of God and tells about the saving power of Jesus! It’s a little wore but it is doing just fine. That bible fits just like a glove, I can find what I need pretty fast.

Needless to say I am comfortable with it.

Get it recovered? No not yet. How about a new one? Thanks but no thanks this one fits me just fine.

How is your bible working for you?

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