Top 10 Things That I have Learned Over the Past 35 Years with Youth Ministry Relationships

Top 10 things and That I have Learned over the Past 35 Years with Youth Ministry Relationships

10. No Two Congregations are the Same.

Each work will be different. Expect that. Personalities, reputations and character of each congregation are noticed. Some are unified, some divided. Do the work of a minister and love the congregation.

9. Relationships with the Elders

One of the keys in ANY ministry. We have heard it over and over again have a HEALTHY relationship with the eldership. Love them. Even when things get tough, unstable, love them. And elders, remember, the minister is part of the flock. Shepherd them as you would any other member of the flock. Laugh together, cry together, grow together spiritually.


8. Remember You Don’t have a Job… You Have a Ministry.

Ask any of my interns over the past and they will tell you this. If you want a job, punch the time clock. In ministry there is no clock. Your love for the Lord and His people means you serve him at any time day OR night. What a joy to serve.

7. Remember to Let Others Work With You and for You.

The hardest of ANY Minister, Pulpit, Youth, Involvement, Education… Letting others work with you. Learning to delegate…and let go. Sure, you may get the task done in half the time, but don’t take the joy away from those that CAN and WILL work!

6. There are Just Some Things You Just Can’t Fix.

I’m a fixer…it bothers me when I can’t fix some things. The same can and will happen in ministry. Marriage relationships, Spiritual relationship. We may think we can fix it all! But WE can’t. But GOD CAN, let Him.

5. Let People Get to Know the REAL You.

Do people know the REAL YOU? Or do they see only something from the surface?
How do they identify you? It’s okay to see our strengths, (that’s expected) but what about our weaknesses? How about our joys? Our pain?
Be Genuine. Show people your heart!


4. Remember the Passion for the Young People, make it Contagious.

It’s no secret, I love young people. Just look at all the card carrying “Jerry’s Kids!” You are the example, the leader, the friend and yes, sometime even the enemy. You do all of this because you have a deep PASSION for young people. You care about their soul, their well being. Regardless of what happens, you ALWAYS LOVE THEM! Unconditionally.
Let the passion be seen in you so that others will share this love!

3. Remember to Take Care of Yourself.

Yes, you will get older, you will be tired, you will get sick. Take care of yourself.
Physically – needless to say listen to your body.
Spiritually – beyond the study for Bible classes and sermons. Study for YOU! Find places that will enrich your faith. Stay in the WORD!

2. Remember Family

Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Parents. They need you. They need your time.
It’s a difficult balance sometimes. Don’t neglect your ministry. Involve your family.

1. Keep Growing With God.

Don’t let Satan stifle you.
Remember you need to climb that mountain.
Not by yourself. Never alone.
You Grow With God. Everyday.

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