Look at Them

88 and 85. That is their age. A brother and sister that lived next door to each other for their entire life until a few years ago. They don’t get to see each other as often as there are miles between them, so any time they can get together it is so special.

The conversations go on for hours, it is always the same. Family, health, church. Sometimes its just quiet, but not for long. Laughter, advice and a longing for the past is evident in their conversations.

They adore each other. Sometimes when you look at them you can see them communicating without talking. You can tell they need each other and rely on each other. Even though their age has taken away the physical capabilities, support is seen in their actions.

They have to be close to each other.

The hugs are longer.
They hold hands longer.
They know life is shorter.

The goodbyes now are harder. I think we all cry a little.

It’s a brother-sister love thats unique. Thanks for showing us how families should be!

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