My Morning Prayer

My Morning Prayer,

The coolness of the morning air shows that fall is on it’s way.
The evidence of leaves falling, changing, tells me one season is done and another begins.
While the creation of the earth that you have made has never changed,

I pray for man.
You gave us the ability to think, to be rational, smarter than any other thing around. Yet, sometimes I feel…no, I know we fail.

You gave us a guide, Your divine word, breathed upon like life into man.
We discard it, lay it aside, when we know, that it is light, and we fail to let it shine.

Help us to read and believe.

It seems that we are selfish, looking out for number one and doing whatever it takes to stay there. No matter who it affects, without regard to Your will.

We thrive on hurting others, with words and actions. I pray that ALL will look at the heart of ourself before we speak against another.

Forgive us.

I pray for parents, as they raise their children. It’s not easy in this world today. Help them to remember the responsibility they have for the precious souls they brought into this world. Help them to look to You for strength, guidance and love.

I pray for children, help them to listen to obedient parents who guide them in Your way.
Help those whose parents do not obey you, to love their parents, but to be led to you by strong spiritual leaders, that they might lead their parents to you.

Help us to learn from the older generation, let us listen to their hearts, let us let them know they make a difference in this world.

Help us to turn away from the sinful lifestyles that plague us. Help us to be pure in heart AND soul.

Take away stress, worry and those things that cause our mind to wander from You.

Help us to love but stand for truth.

Let Your church shine with the brilliant light that comes from members.

Let us imitate your Son.

Thank you for loving us!

Thanks for letting us live for you!

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